Join Our Club!

An Invitation to join in the fun!                         Mail-in Membership Application (pdf)

Membership Fees:
$25 - Family Membership
$50 - Business Membership

Many people that ride on the snowmobile trails are NOT snowmobile club members. If it were not for the MEMBERS of these CLUBS, YOU would not have any trails to ride on.

The clubs are those who go out and groom the trails, trim the brush, build all the bridges, put out all the signs, and get landowner permission. Next time that you are out enjoying the trails, think about that!

We are not necessarily looking for people to spend time working for us, that's not what we are about. We are looking for more members for their financial support. The more financial support we recieve the better our trail system will be.

If you own a business and want to sponsor the club, that would be great, too! Current businesses are listed on our Business Page.

If you enjoy riding on smooth, wide trails...JOIN A CLUB!!! If you enjoy riding rough trails, JOIN A CLUB!!! and make them smooth.

Local club members also have the "option" of participating in trail work, fund raising, membership drives, social activities etc. You can also join by attending one of our meetings. Now why not join the club and help out?

Club Members receive MSA Membership and includes: Subscription to the Maine Snowmobiler, MSA Scholarship eligibilty, MSA Decal, Maps, Safety & membership materials.


Membership Forms
are available below.

Snowmobile Law Books are available at the Town Office
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  • Membership Application (pdf)
  • Trip Itinerary Form (pdf)